31 January 2011

Upside down

@ Hyde Park
10 December 2010

Christmas at Selfridges

Barbie's Room.
7 December 2010

Winter Steet

What makes city beautiful is the lights. Christmas is coming and people are ready to be happy, I believe.
15 November 2010

Good bye London

My flight is at 8.30pm. What can I do today? So unusual sunny day today. So unusual day for me to leave London. Good Bye! Take care until I come back.
28 October 2010

Rolling Stones

I met Ronnie Wood. Wow!
26 October 2010

London Night

I like this city and the one of the reasons is scale of buildings in the street. I still can see the moon in the sky standing in the centre of the city.
25 October 2010

Extreme Sports

@ Westfield
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