22 February 2009


Here is one of my favourite places, Borders. It's allowed to bring new books to SBUX in the store.
feel free to read whatever I want. Cheers Borders.

@Borders, Tottenham Court Rd.

visiting Bridget Jones's

the Globe and also Bridget's flat where Mark Darcy was shouting that "I love you" behind boys giggling.

@ Borough Market, Londonbridge

1905 vs 2009

London is doing a very good conservation job.
The Monument to the Great Fire of London is one of the landmarks which is the tallest isolated stone column in the world.
It reopens to public on 16 Feb 2009.
It is possible to reach the top of it by climbing up the 311 step stairwell if you have podgy feet.
I'll try it next time as I have them.

@ Monument


She is just so cute.

@ Monument

spring coming up

The scent of flowers was in the air and was flirting with us

@Cavendish Sq.
16 February 2009

valentine market

the cookie was discounted to £0.70
@Southbank Centre
15 February 2009

parking lot

your heart is allowded to park here in mine.
No congestion charge.
10 February 2009

lover in snow

This rain should've been snow.
@ Shepherd's Bush Green
9 February 2009


@Brick Lane


paella - box £4.00 , plate £3.00
spanish omelet £1.80

had a plate of paella
want to try to cook both dish oneday

recipe welcomed
@ Up market , Brick Lane

Love is all around

anyway, Valentine's day is coming up
@ Selfridges
8 February 2009


The pair have got v.strong magnet rather than LOVE :)
@ Brick Lane
7 February 2009


In fact, this pic has a horrible story.
I've been thinking there are mentally strange people on the street in London. It has been proved!
I might have been killed by an insane old woman!!!!
When I was taking this pic, she came to me out of the blue, then pushed me to the road while a car was running toward me!!!
and she told me "get away from my way!"
how crazy!
I should've told her something like Ramsey.
4 February 2009


British snowpeople have got straight noses with carrots and baguette. :)
@ Shepher's Bush Green


@ Shepherd's Bush Green

2 February 2009

winter chaosland

It was heavily snowing but it was so lovely even I couldn't take a bus to get home.
Do Londoners prepare snow tyres?
The roundabout near my flat was in chaos.
Buses were halted so had to walk home.

winter wonderland

It's still snowing!
got off-snow at college on my own and going to winter wonderland. :)
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