30 September 2010

Regent Festival


The whole Regent street was closed to encourage people do more shopping on last Sunday and it is called Regent Street Festival.
25 September 2010

London Design Festival

This is the centrepiece of London Design Festival this year. This half sphere is completed by twisting with the other one. A sphere combined a helix.
@ Covent Garden
24 September 2010

Human friendly yellow

What a great system in London! When every time I stand under the yellow light, cars automatically stop and allow me to cross the road. This light shows how London focuses on humans than cars. Drivers should have big patience here.
@Notting Hill
23 September 2010


22 September 2010

Full Moon

The full moon will bright my wishes. Let's celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival!

London Fashion Week 2010

Devil Wears Prada, Sex and the City. Every fashion people are enjoying the week. I was almost watching a magazine in the flesh.
20 September 2010


The large-scale legs in Trafalgar Square are loaned from Audi's production line. The amazing thing is the fact that they are saying something using their flashing feet. You send a message on the website; www.outrace.org , the legs will draw it. These are filmed and sent to your e-mail. It is a good chance to be romantic I suggest.
19 September 2010

Open House; Leighton House

Open House is one of the best event through the year in London. You get to know your area or city better. I also feel like being invited someone's personal place with welcoming mood where normally closed. This year I visited Leighton House near my place. Probably I wouldn't think of looking for it if there were not this kind of event. This house is a hidden gem in my view. The space is so rich and well connected. Each room has got own concept. There is only one bed room in this great big house because the owner did not have intention to make a family. It is rather a studio. The narcissus hall is stunning. Must visit. This building is actually open to public as it is a museum.

Pope's visit

@ Holy Trinity Brompton
18 September 2010

Alice in Wonderland

The door is already big enough for me and Alice.
Today is not London but Oxford. I just took my bike on the coach and went to Oxford suddenly. There was 'Open Day' so I luckily had a chance to see the antique buildings in free of charge. It is a cosy town for cycling as I rode back and forth on the same street again and again and again... People seemed to be happier than in a big city except the lady in Alice Shop. I saw group of handsome guys who must be a student here. God is not always fair. At the time when I left there, it was almost empty and dark. This is another difference from London.
16 September 2010

Best way to see London with Bropmton

Preview: Open House

When I passed by this building, I thought I was in somewhere in Asia. It just looks like someone brought it here. It is just so white and huge with delicate details. The official name is BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. This is the first traditional Hindu Mandir outside India. 2,000 tonnes of italian marble and 2,828 tonnes of Bulgarian limestones first shipped to India to be shapped by 1,500 craftmen. Can you believe this? Luckily we will be able to see the inside. They will open the door as a part of Open House on this Sat and Sun.
15 September 2010

(500) days of IKEA

This is my room in IKEA. I wish. This reminds me of the scene in the film '(500) Days of Summer'. Tom and Summer have a date in IKEA store. They make the store romantic.
When you shop at IKEA, don't miss Swedish meatball. It is just £1.5 during 3-6 pm until the end of this year.
I must have a hole on my jaw.

+ Although it is called student furniture, I love Ikea. I still get nice fabric and accessories at happy price and I think IKEA contributes to share design products with everyone. Once I told my friends that I wanted to be a designer who could popularise design in architecture. They told me that idea looks communism. In the end, I was told I had to be like a designer for Chanel. I am still dreaming but confused.

Party Uniform

Londoners have to wear uniform when they have a party. This is one good example. If you don't want to stand in the corner, you have to have one. Cheeky!


The biggest shopping mall in Europe but it is not big enough for me :) Shopping is the most enjoyable thing to do in London. No doubt! You can try whatever you want, you don't need to bring back the items you tried, no pushing by sales assistants. Only shops are well updated for the 20th century's sake with all the fabulous conditions.
12 September 2010

The last night of the Proms

It is not UFO. It is BBC Proms in Hype park. The police officers seem to be enjoying it.
The seat for very important people over the fence.
I am one of them.
10 September 2010

Spain on Regent St.

There is another great fun in London which is eating out. Every another corner, we can find different kinds of food from the world. We just stay here and food fly to you. Only problem is the bill. Regardless of bad reputation for English food, London is the best place to challenge new taste.
6 September 2010

SkyRide london

5 September 2010

SkyRide London 2010

One more SkyRide I took part in. As it is named London, I think all the people in London who have a bike came out to ride. I certainly think it was the best way to see the city where you live. The route covered all the tourist attractions for instance Buckingham Place, No.10, Big Ben, St.Paul and so on. It must be great fun for the family out as well. As this time was a big success event, I was hardly able to ride due to the lack of the space. I recommend if someone want to ride next time, it is better to go in the afternoon.

Massive Queuing

717! This is the number when I got the opening Cass Art in Hampstead. Cass Art had big giving-away which costs 50 pounds for the first 1000 customers. Why didn't I expect the queue! I arrived there around 11.30 but I was sent in the shop about 4 and there was one more queuing at the counter in the shop which took another 30 min. As the queuing getting shorter, I couldn't wait to find out what is inside the blue bag. Later on I calculated the all the items in the bag if they are really worth 50 pound. I might be giving away some items from the bag to my friends and luckily they do not need to stand in line.
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