15 September 2010

(500) days of IKEA

This is my room in IKEA. I wish. This reminds me of the scene in the film '(500) Days of Summer'. Tom and Summer have a date in IKEA store. They make the store romantic.
When you shop at IKEA, don't miss Swedish meatball. It is just £1.5 during 3-6 pm until the end of this year.
I must have a hole on my jaw.

+ Although it is called student furniture, I love Ikea. I still get nice fabric and accessories at happy price and I think IKEA contributes to share design products with everyone. Once I told my friends that I wanted to be a designer who could popularise design in architecture. They told me that idea looks communism. In the end, I was told I had to be like a designer for Chanel. I am still dreaming but confused.


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