28 June 2010

England vs Germany

England is football! No, it was.
There is one thing stuck in my mind, it was a goal as far as the ball was behind the line.
Does the World Cup have got different definition of a goal from ours ?

Speaker's corners

Right side man : Is there anything wrong with eating gorillas?
Left side man : You are eating your brothers! :D
They were actually talking about their religions endlessly.
It was busy Sunday in Hyde Park due to the unusual sunny weather.
Paul McCarteny was singing around.
Very nice Sunday after defeat in World Cup.

Eye in the sky

It's froglike.
We are not able to avoid its eyes in London.


in Soho

Red Centre Point

Centre Point is turned ruddy by sunset.
9 June 2010

Trafalgar Sq.

Nelson and his ship
6 June 2010

Emergency! 999!

@ Hyde Park
5 June 2010

Invader Hunter

Spies welcomed

Elephants in London

This is the elephant designed by Lulu Guinness.
Hundreds of thousands of elephants have suddenly appeared.
I surely understand the aim of this campaign though, why the elephants?
What is the link between this animals and London?
It must be great fun to traveller but I wish this could have been like Bears in Berlin.
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