30 October 2009

Happy birthday to you

I should've been in my country at this time because today is my dad's biggest birthday.
My absence,
I wish him happy and health.
26 October 2009

clocks go back

When I was in my country, we used to have Summer time system. I thought this is the ridiculous idea as I had to change my bio-rythm and we never take the advantage of daylight.
Apperently we do not have this much of different daylights between summer and winter.
It is just something to show the public by governments.
However, in London, it is absolutely necessary. Nowadays it is getting dark from 4 or 5pm.
I would like to cut the middle of the long winter night, when I met my dear I would spend it.

On the other hand time is just promises among people, like ages.
We promise to set back a hour and get a hour extra sleep.


This store is just gorgeous. I love this core inside. The axis, the wall and this plant-patchwork wall are very nice. Although it is often hard to maintain the green wall, it is quite environmentally friendly to water by rain naturally. Actually it makes sense in London. However the price of the clothes is totally nonsense but lovely.

13 October 2009


There are something that I never did in my country such as Yoga, cooking Kim-chie, blind dates, part-time job, etc.
There is one more thing I can put on the list, which is cycling.
A month ago, I bought a vintage bike at Brick Lane market. As I thought I never ever ride a bike in my 30-year life, I wasn't sure I could keep cycling. So I just paid some quids for the experiment myself. Then I had to pay some extra for the accessories for the bike as well.
Who knows that I really enjoy it! Luckily, the weather in London is also just generious for me.
I have been losting 3kg since I started cycling.
How nice. This is the way to lose your weight enviromentally friendly.
I said good bye to my first but old bike and now I have a VERY gorgeous Brompton bike.
I wish I can lose another some kgs. I wish.
11 October 2009

Bridget Jones

When the wind is colder, like now, and I rather close the windows, there is one who I remind of is Bridget Jones. I remember she grabbed her coat and her steam of her mouth in winter.
Am I becoming her? My career and my love.
I feel myself like a bottle with a hole. There is nothing that I can hold.
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