13 October 2009


There are something that I never did in my country such as Yoga, cooking Kim-chie, blind dates, part-time job, etc.
There is one more thing I can put on the list, which is cycling.
A month ago, I bought a vintage bike at Brick Lane market. As I thought I never ever ride a bike in my 30-year life, I wasn't sure I could keep cycling. So I just paid some quids for the experiment myself. Then I had to pay some extra for the accessories for the bike as well.
Who knows that I really enjoy it! Luckily, the weather in London is also just generious for me.
I have been losting 3kg since I started cycling.
How nice. This is the way to lose your weight enviromentally friendly.
I said good bye to my first but old bike and now I have a VERY gorgeous Brompton bike.
I wish I can lose another some kgs. I wish.


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