13 March 2009

another Le Corbusier

There's a great exhibition and it's free in charge.
How did Le Corbusier design this cabanon for 45mins? He is a master.

11 March 2009

Architecture manifestos

It was the last event I took part in as I had to take tube to home.
I like his presentation as well as his clear voice and accent.
I've just put his name on Google and found out his website.
Oh, his works are unique and entertaining.
@ Le Corbusier , Barbican art gallery

a kitchen from the Unite d’Habitation

The kitchen is still modern although it was designed in mid 20th century.
It is funtional enough as he stated 'a machine for living'
10 March 2009

Designer Azumi

This workshop was the part of the events for Le Corbusier at Barbican Art Gallery.
When the designer presented his works I could recognise his chairs.
I haven't done modeling for a while, you know, I was the first to finish it.
Hope the pair over the paper model get the Le Corbusier book as a prize after collecting the stickers.



I was wondering what the Barbican is, even it was obviously an estate.
It was good to take part in the Barbican tour which was one part of the Le Corbusier Exhibition.
The presenter who is studying modern architectural history(?) explained the buildings comparing with Le Corbusier's 5 points of architecture.
The approaching to the Water Garden is impressive. It looks like getting into the water rather than just seeing it. If I mention the Water temple by Ando Tadao, is it exaggerated?


I'm getting better at cooking than learning E.
Anyway 'being better' is better.


The lighting makes mood but seating looks so narrow, haven't tried the yogurt thought.
I remember frozen yogurt stores were popular for a while in my city.
This has arrived in Soho.
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