28 October 2010

Rolling Stones

I met Ronnie Wood. Wow!
26 October 2010

London Night

I like this city and the one of the reasons is scale of buildings in the street. I still can see the moon in the sky standing in the centre of the city.
25 October 2010

Extreme Sports

@ Westfield
18 October 2010


@Westfield, Shepherd's Bush
17 October 2010


Not only cars on the road.
@ Nottinghill Gate
15 October 2010

Shoes at Selfridges

There are two towers in the field of show window display in London. One is Harvey Nichols, the other is Selfridges, I think. It is all about shoes at Selfridges at this time as they have just open the new shoes gallery. There are full of stories in the windows. The designer must be a genius or a gay person.
14 October 2010


I got a standing seat for Rigoletto which was the cheapest ticket. When I found the seat (actually standing point) everything was clear why it is cheapest. Luckily, luckily there was one empty seat waiting for me so I could rest my legs for 3 hours musical journey. However, the stage is still far away down the bottom and the seats around the stage, there were all posh people. I felt I became Cinderella at the party. Anyroad, it was great performance. Londoners are lucky to listen the best opera at under 10 pounds if they have strong enough legs.
I was also proud of the singer Wookyung Kim for Duke at the night.
@Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
12 October 2010

Clock goes back

@ World's End
10 October 2010

Good Bye

I have decided to leave London after a month and I already miss London at the same time. What can I see more in a month time? I now take a picture of everything with my eyes not a camera. The most regretful thing is that I haven't had a date. I wanted to walk along the southbank, have a tea on the top floor of Portrait Gallery, have a picnic in the park, cycle on the street, go a pub, take a boat on the River Thames... I might miss London or miss Love.
8 October 2010

Oasis Glory 2010

2 October 15 years ago, the Morning Glory album came out. 15 years!!! I feel I became too old.

The scene of the street is still the same. 'London is preserved'. This is one aspect what I like here. I feel this street would be kept in another 15 years.

@ Berwick St., Soho
5 October 2010

Yellow in the sky

The new shoes galleries have arrived and I think the grey sky has arrived in London.

Try something new today

I found an exotic fruit which I had to ask how I eat. It is called prickly pear, also known as cactus fruit. Lovely vivid magenta colour but tastes bland. It prickled my hands too. One more try? Maybe.
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