1 February 2010

Dental treatments

Now I'm away from London.
I had to come back to my hometown because I had a dental problem.
This must be funny to my friends if I told them.
However the dentists in London told me that one of my precious teeth had to be taken away or needed to seen by a specialist.
There was no choice due to the astronomical dental costs and the killing pain.
I am still wondering why the general dentists in London are not able to deal with root canal treatments and why the treatments cost a lot.
Anyway the tickets were in my hand and I had a 12-hour journey.
Now I am sitting at the desk in my old room.
The tooth doesn't bother me anymore and I'm waiting for a shinny gold crown with reasonable price.
Does NHS know why people in England choose to go abroad to have dental treatments?
There are one more reason that I had to take this way.
That is the skill and the facilities.
The dental tools look like from 80s and it was hard to find 3D X-ray system which is a general equipment here.
Although I still appreciate that the medical chance in London is equally free to everyone, people need to have rights to get to see doctors easily with higher medical skills.
I hope there is no more case that we have to take out the teeth due to the poor medical system.
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