27 January 2009

dinner for the New Year's Day

It's unfair to get another one age on new year's day.
Especially 'having Teok-guk' means getting one age. How dare to food!!!
So,tried to avoid having Teok-guk but how could I? It was so nice.
Really lovely dinner with friends even Teok-san-Jeok looks quite fresh.
Pa-gang-hoe reminds me of my mom.
And Paul. Yummy.

Another new year's day

It was another New year's day. Surprisingly only Korea and China celebrate this day, not Japan.
Anyway we are lucky to make the New year's resolutions again and dreams come true.
25 January 2009

typical British pub

Pubs are the most intimate places for Londoners. However there are some points which I cannot understand.
1. As we can see, how can childern come in? Because they are with their parents?
2. Why people prefer to stand even there are available seats?
3. Do people care about their health? People never have dishes with drinks. It is alcohol.
Stomachs need to be taken care of before drinking.
Moreover if we have nice dishes with drinks, that will be perfect :)
5. How people can manage to drink when it is noon? Isn't it too early?
Getting used to it but still wondering.


Lucky to get stamps at sale price. Although it represents London, Muji which is a Japanese retail chain makes profits.
London has a lot of icons which are able to represent itself. I'm suddenly wondering what stamps can we make for Seoul?
22 January 2009

space invader

@ Notting Hill Gate
17 January 2009

plug in

British wants to be special, posh even sockets.

the intimate seat

the seat which a woman who has a semi bf and a man who's got used to be a singleton had a chat.
don't need to sympathise with him.
keen to overhear them but English was far away from me.
still difficult.
@ Holland park

further reduction

happy to go shopping and no excuse for Burberry
Does British love Burberry?
15 January 2009


Woolworths closed

It was shock when Woolies, one of retail chains itself, was on sale at a cost of 1 pound.
now it has been closed down really.
Scenes on the street have being changed.
@ Portobello Rd, Notting Hill

Zavvi closed

credit crunch, downturn, axe, recession
these words are seen in newspapers everyday.
this situation is not only for London but every contury is suffering.
finally, Zavvi , its flagship Piccadilly store, which is one of the biggest music and video retail chain has been closed today.
if economy was not rescued, London street might be empty.

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