25 January 2009

typical British pub

Pubs are the most intimate places for Londoners. However there are some points which I cannot understand.
1. As we can see, how can childern come in? Because they are with their parents?
2. Why people prefer to stand even there are available seats?
3. Do people care about their health? People never have dishes with drinks. It is alcohol.
Stomachs need to be taken care of before drinking.
Moreover if we have nice dishes with drinks, that will be perfect :)
5. How people can manage to drink when it is noon? Isn't it too early?
Getting used to it but still wondering.


tiredoflondon said...

Thought I would post some answers.

1. I know, it's odd. Children never used to be allowed in pubs when I was one.

2. Sometimes it is more sociable to stand at the bar. I think some people prefer that, especially if they've just popped in for a quick refreshment.

3. No. Londoners don't care about their health, in general. If they did, they would move somewhere nicer.

5. No, noon is not to early. No time is too early. Londoners love to drink. It's our social life.

ssum said...

5. We say that we cannot recognise even our dad and mom if we drink when the sun is shining.

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