31 August 2010

Antiques on the street

I wish I had a baby! They are so cute and absolutely working well!
@Devonshire, Chiswick

A face

30 August 2010

Hampton Court

It was challenging, now I am thinking. I just believed what TFL said: it takes 1hr 14min cycling my home to Hampton Court! In fact I took over 2hrs! Even though the scone in there was awful, I am very satisfied that I finished. I feel like I rode back from Paris.

My Deer

As the sign says
White deer!

Cycling from Shepherd's Bush to Bushy Park

Notting Hill Carnival

Is it open or closed? People are queuing to get booze from a mousehole.
A-class seats to see the carnival. It is the best one!
Your head is...
He is also colourful.

Big Brother is watching YOU!

29 August 2010


What a sign! It sometimes has too much information.
@Kensal Rd

Preview: Notting Hill carnival

Just before the big carnival day, the area around Notting Hill was already in the mood.

Trellick Tower

I found you while my cycling along the canal.
It is one of the London icons.

Sk8ter Boi

26 August 2010

Toy Story

Hand drawn map

A few days ago, when my friend had a leaving party, I made a map. Only I can understand it.
This is my kind of habit.
18 August 2010

Freestyle rap performance

My shoulders are still dancing!
17 August 2010

1:1 Spaces in Museum

Jaw dropping Piano

The Piano drops its jaw and teeth.
4 August 2010

Boris' Bike

Before I visited paris last year I researched everything about Velo. I think it is very efficient for visitors to travel in the city by bike. However I was too trepid on the deposit. I just gave a guide to french guys how to hire them but I didn't. Now London has a cycling scheme with a list of Do and Don't. Very last thing we should remember, cycle on the left!

1 August 2010

Serengeti in London

Oh dear! You can have a picnic with deer in London!
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