20 May 2009

excuse me

I've been away Blog for so long but if I have one excuse, that is about England, UK. My Canon compact camera has got a problem. This must be dealing with Canon company but I feel more like dealing with speed, AS, analogue and the way of life in the UK. The dealing is just getting an external bolt which was loosen and lost by itself. The cameara is still under coverage. I have been trying to contact Canon Centre to repair it but I failed to find anyone in London. How bizarre. There is no Canon Centre IN LONDON, one of the global cities. If I were in my country, I could drop into the one of service centres and get a bolt instantly. I also believe that it is problem with World make, Canon. It cannot offer service over the globe regardless of its reputation.

Anyway I might have a chance to mention about the digital life in London or rather the analogue life later.

I'm going to continue Blog no matter whether there are pictures or not.


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