21 May 2009

the first impression

I have been in London alomost 2 years so far. I think now I can say London from my point of view. So, I'm going to star this.

When I arrived at the Heathrow airport, my first impression of London, UK was smell, scent.
Although it was not my first time to step on abroad, I could smell somthing differnt from this land. A cab was waiting for me to lift and I could smell the same odour from him, it was not a perfume but it was artificial. Now I cannot feel anymore as I have got used to it. Anyway the other one was the weather. The windy rainy weather in London is notorious. However it was fresh sunny at that time inspite of my curiosity. The windows from the cab was just blue and green. Even I could not sleep during the 12-hour journey on the aeroplane and the plane landed already, I felt so high. I am still satisfied with the notorious weather. The average temperatures does not fluctuate but there is snow in winter as well. This weather makes gorgeous English gardens, parks for public, gloomy Brit pop and chocolate industries.

My investigation into the scent has being assumed as the smell of detergents.


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