1 May 2010

How To Be Good English

Recently I watched "How to be English" on YouTube which is about actually how to make a good cuppa.
We know tea represents strangely English or the other way around, tea is not harvested in England though. This means English people do not grow it but only just drink it.
From the video clip and by the ear, I find english people make tea differently.
If you want to be English,
1. Boil water in a kettle
2. Meanwhile, put a tea bag in a cup
3. If you have a sweet tooth, add some sugar at this point
4. Pour the boilng water onto the tea bag to brew the tea efficiently
5. leave this 2-3 minutes and squeeze the bag to give colour to the English tea!

If you want to follow Far East Asian
1.Boil water in a kettle
2.Leave the boiling water for a while to make it cool off (not boiling water)
3.Pour the water in a cup and leave a tea bag in it.
(tea infused naturally)
4.Do not squeeze the bag and just take it out
Otherwise you will taste bitter
5. Now you can add sugar whatever
I am a coffee person but I am getting into tea.
People have their own way to make a good cup of tea though, if you want a CUPPA, remember the first one.


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