4 May 2010

Saturday Roast

I had been trying to have Sunday Roast but unfortunately something comes up on EVERY Sunday.
There is no exceptions on this Sunday.
So, Sunday Roast was my mystery dish that I never had it.
My friend and I decided to have it on saturday as I was told it is very common food.
We went a pub and odered it
" Can I have a Sunday Roast today?"
What a silly question! It was Saturday when I asked.
Obviously, we failed.
The next pub in Notting Hill Gate was the same.
We put it off and almost gave it up.
Finally the third one in Kensington opened to us.
We probably expected it too much because I think I can cook it
It wasn't too bad anyway.
I enjoyed the time playing a board game with a pint of ale than the food.


Mo said...

Not my favourite food.

ssum said...

but my favourite game

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